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“  I had one session with Esosa regarding my pre-diabetes diagnosis, and one month later after applying her recommendations I got my labs back and am no longer in the pre-diabetic range.  - Christina Joy

Working with Esosa E. has been life changing. I work a highly stressful job and was diagnosed with pre-hypertension and ate a horrendous diet. With her guidance, I was able to lower my blood pressure by 20 points without any medication and incorporate healthy foods into my diet. I also had a physical and I no longer have pre-hypertension! Esosa does not take a “one size fits all” approach with her clients. She will go out of her way to help you succeed. She will tailor plans to fit you and your needs and still holds you accountable while providing guidance every step of the way." - Yvonne A. 

Esosa has the level of confidence and conviction one would expect from a veteran nutritionist. She has a unique style that empowers and inspires, while meticulously analyzing the details of each case. Impressive. - Ryo H.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this observation and it reminded me how important it is to maintain humor and also create a very relaxing environment for the client. Esosa demonstrated strength in being present in the moment with the client and not getting too technical with terminology. She also explained everything in a thorough, easy-to-understand manner. I will take what I learned from observing Esosa to practice for my own consults.” - Megan F. Kalocinski

This is by far, the best client session I have observed. Watching Esosa’s consultation is going to have a lot of positive impact on my own practice. She was confident, secure, and natural during the consultation and also has a very deep and thorough understand of conditions, supplements, and diet. She was able to confidently address every question the client had. Fantastic. " -Eliana S.

"I would rate the Staying Agless 30+ class at a 10! My overall improvements at the end of class are that I drink more water, I am aware how my body type process food, and how when my body is out of balance holds on to excess emotions and weight. I have lost 15 lbs and gained clarity and focus on rituals that work for me. To women looking to take this course, come in with an open mind and put the principals you learn to work. - Tiffany L.

Esosa has changed my life. I've had numerous health issues and suddenly entered into early menopause, so my energy and mood got terribly low. After receiving results from various doctors, it became clear that I would have to put in a lot of work to avoid serious problems. I put my trust in Esosa and she dove right into each issue, giving me ideas for healthy mental and physical activities and she found the perfect supplements and foods to help me heal from the inside out. The result is that I now look and feel better than I have in years. She cared, she put in the work, and she gave me a path to follow so that I could take much better care of myself. Esosa is inspirational. She gave me back the reins to take control of my health. - Mrs. Bauser, Age 42

I have been working on weight loss for several months.  My guidance has been from a doctor and nutritionist.  However, it was not until I began working with Esosa that I started getting meaningful results in my weight loss efforts, as well as improvement with my acne.  Yes, acne!  A chronic issue for me.  I was taking all sorts of medication for my acne.  Then, my blood work indicated a flag with my kidneys. Esosa made some recommendations that were easy to follow.  Now, no more acne medication.  And, my husband began to notice my weight loss and clear skin!  When the husband notices, you know there’s a difference. - Elaine C.

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